Ensuring a safe, resilient and fun play environment

Diverse playground flooring and surfacing solutions

Our high-performance surfacing products are not only durable and attractive, most provide the environmentally-friendly advantage of being made out of recycled rubber.


Of all the play surfaces available, only patented PebbleFlex® combines the benefits of design, technology and safety into one revolutionary, high-performance breakthrough surfacing solution. PebbleFlex uses an advanced bond-in-place technology where engineered polyurethane pebbles bond together with an aliphatic binder to create a safe, long lasting and colorful playground surfacing solution. It can be pressure washed for regular maintenance, is UV resistant and complies with all safety and accessibility standards for playground safety surfacing.


AquaFlex is the next generation in water surfacing and pool deck surfacing with its unique properties of being chlorine resistant and UV light stable. AquaFlex is resistant to chalking, shrinkage or crumbling. The tiny pebbles of AquaFlex are chemically bonded together with a strong aliphatic binder. The AquaFlex top layer resists UV fading and chlorine, stands up to power washing and maintains its beauty today, tomorrow and years from now.


EcoTurf is the latest development in the line of safe and versatile surfacing material. Using a combination of EPDM polyurethane granules(consisting of highly stabilized inorganic pigments and organic colourants), and recycled black SBR rubber granules, which are held together with a polyurethane binder, EcoTurf is a cost-effective and versatile solution, which allow almost any material(i.e. concrete, asphalt and salt) to be surfaced. EcoTurf frees users to explore their creativity, without the previous shortfalls of concrete and asphalt. From playgrounds and jogging tracks, to industrial flooring, EcoTurf allow users to create unique and innovative floor designs, which are not only aesthetically pleasing, but is also durable, fire- and slip-resistant, and virtually maintenance-free. EcoTurf is able to withstand the wear and tear of daily use better than normal surfacing materials, thus protecting your investment.


The cork in Corkeen Play comes from Portuguese cork oaks, forests’ own environmental heroes. Cork oaks can live for centuries. This is because cork oaks are not felled when cork is stripped. Instead, their bark is peeled off every nine years and then the bark regenerates itself again. Harvests are healthy for these trees, and cork is a pure miracle material from an environmental point of view. Around cork oaks, a unique biodiversity is thriving, and cork oaks capture large amounts of carbon dioxide.